Labour Camp.

  • [size=small]Well, hi i've been sent to labour camp yesterday, at first it was ok to gather some resources. [/size]

    [size=small]After i've collected everything i can, nothing has respawned till now. I'm just running around doing nothing.[/size]

    [size=small]Can you Admins do something about it? I'would love to stay on this server, but im just wasting time running around.[/size]

    [size=small]I will love to see like small "slave houses" or somthing in this design , with large chest (small chest isn't enough to store all i gathered) and furnace to smelt ores to be ready when i leave camp to build something or whatever.[/size]

    [size=small]It's a nice idea of labour camp, but well there's nothing to do, i've even upgraded everything i can to stone here ;=;[/size]

    [size=small]I would love to help build better camp, or help building it, i can sit there for whole wipe, to coordinate with stuff if u want to let me.[/size]

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