Rusticaland's Discord server and bot

  • Hey everyone!
    Join our discord if you haven't already
    Kaito has developed the discord RusticalandBot for the community, make sure to send him some loves and thanks!
    Features included:

    • Dynamic player counts as the bot's presence
    • React for a role to prevent bots and spam
    • !help
    • !stats

    and many more to add, got suggestions? feel free to share them by messaging any of the staff!

    Note: Upcoming project releasing soon that Crushed has been working on!

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  • @godless don't say "you didn't do anything"!, this is my job and I heard so many excuses for hacking ... if you admit it maybe I could help you ,,,,
    maybe we see in 60 days for unban ....
    and making false accusations does not help you buddy ,,,, Bye bye

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