Cheat detected

  • IGN: reload0_0
    My game was very laggy , and when i jumped in a triangle foundation i got cheat detected. I do not play with cheats, i know my lag was due to windows background update, which i now turned off.

  • @Jkoko thank u jkoko ilove u

  • ok ..... I'll remove your ban, but the next suspects or other you'll get the permaban ... ok?
    Ban appeal APPROVED !!
    go fun bye bye ;P

  • @Jkoko oh i remember now but that was like on beginning of the wipe, but i was just guessing codes and i didn't take anything i just looked. I guess i was just curious. You talking about me accessing the big room on vip area right.

  • I play reload for a long period of time and he never cheat. Hes bagno member !!
    our clan alliances saw how this happened,we were riding together and he was complained about lag and in sec he jumped on foundation to check health level he got ban.. We need him bro

  • I have no idea, but i did to cause a ban. Last thing i remember before the jump to check hp, was check hp on top structures

  • Well ... If you have lag and jump you can be Kicked for Fly hack violation and it's normal ... (NO BAN)
    But you were doing something else ,,,, And you know what you used to be
    been banished ,,,: P
    Sorry BAN appeal DENIED !!

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