ban internet cafe

  • I don't understand why when I play in an internet cafe. I logged in and received "ban evande"
    I then created a new account and encountered the same thing again.

    Name : ⊕Memer⊕

    SteamID: 76561198884136201
    thanks Admin

  • hm ,,,,, it seems strange that there are 3 accounts banned with the same IP ,,,
    in this internet caffe they all play rust?
    and I do not think it's a coincidence .....
    Sorry: Ban appeal DENIED!

  • Internet store has 50 computers. But the ip ban, all players in the store will be banned.
    you understand me :( ?

  • not. I don't use cheat. It is an internet store. I logged in to the player's computer first.
    I'm not even into the game yet. I just press F2 to connect and get banned immediately

  • Reason account banned: name: Black reason: Cheat Detected!

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