Shady and his toxic lvl

  • so i was a good player and most active inside
    prism there we talked alot about cheaters and i used to be the Anti-Cheat kid i was about to give him some recoil Anti-Cheat shit cuz there was alot of peps using it and then he is trying to tell me im defending a cheater but i said how am i doing that he said he had some steam bans and i was like wtf? He has 2 steam bans for hacking on 2 clicker games who cares? and he said he prob cheats on rust i was like just look at his pc files and thats how i got banned for nothing LOL got some screanshots and oh hey they are saying this server is full of cheaters if u play on prism and say the admins dont care n shit like that.
    @Dexter#9564 add me if u wanna see the things we talked about what a FAGT

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