emulated again

  • we got emulated from same person again and we made /auth all of us did and the one used the same person acc but this time we stayed up and killed him for about 2 hours he kept coming with ripper penis acc then he stopped and closed the acc and come next day from 2min from now there is no loooot in the faking base how is that huh how is that magic ? demon ? no ur server sorry for saying that sick

  • @justsayin hit me up on discord privatecrabs#2642

  • Well first of all be transparent about things (don't just say hey it's all good we fixed it when you didn't do shit , that just feels as you asking for it again) . I just want you guys to put some work in and fix all this , I don't think I'm asking a lot to put in a few hours of work , but not when there are 6 man groups with hackers. I gave you all the information.

    The password solution you added it's at best a inconvenience trying do do emulated id's.

    You guys didn't even take the time to see what I was doing and I wasn't even trying to hide .

    https://pastebin.com/xddusuaR , Take this paste it into a notepad ++ , it's a sample of auth tokens and what u should look for.

    Don't take this the wrong way but the next guy won't be as nice. I have a routine that collects all player id's of people I encounter on map and what would happen if I just did a loop through all of them and emulated their id's but login off a banned ip ... everyone would just end up banned just to cause a bit of chaos.

    I'm happy to help you fix this stuff and give you pointers where your flaws are at , but if you are just going to do nothing then I guess you have it comming

  • @justsayin What point are you trying to make here? What are you trying to prove? Oh, you can hack a cracked server.. big deal. I don't see what you really have to gain by doing these things. Did one of us ban you in the past and you're just seeking vengeance? You said you wanted to talk, so lets talk.

  • @justsayin Excited to see it:P

  • bullshit , u didn't fix shit ... I just left , went in and tested still works like a charm ... fix your shit , I'm releasing sources in 24hours

  • Emulating other players ID been fixed

  • @shadow why u and why your base and if u changed your base location and he still come back so he is admin meaby

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