Logic evade

  • name in game Logic
    reason to ban is ban evade
    did i ever use hacks no i never did but i got banned like a long while ago for aimbot wich i wasnt using i did appeal like 3 times but appeal denied bcs i didnt had enough profs.So after this long time i bought new pc downloaded rust again and i even bought it.then a day my friends wanted me to play with them in rusticaland,and sinse i got new pc i was thinking that i will not get banned so i played like 1 hour then got banned for ban evade.I wish i get banned bcs i never used hacks or nthing, and its a the legit rust why would i use hacks.

  • Just recently I have decided to unban some previously banned players in hopes that they would keep their word and not cheat again. But what happened? They all managed to get themselves banned again and because of this, you will not be unbanned. I am the one who banned you before and I am the one who will deny your appeal. Ban appeal denied, gl finding another server to play on.

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