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  • first i want to say i got banned twice
    first time i got banned by the server because i had hack installed but i didnt use it but ye i tried to use it on my local server but didnt use it on any server then i forget i still have it then i got banned okay i did a ban appeal but got denied i said okay thats my prob then after 3 years i guess or more i bought a new pc and rust my friend asked me to play with him on rusticaland cuz he dont have the game i said okay i have new pc so new ip adress so dont have a ban then i went to talk to prowhite cuz he is egyptian like me told him thats me then asked him if i could get banned he told me he will not ban me but if server did ban me he will not do anything(server cant ban me cuz this is new pc new ip address so new player to the server) i told him okay
    after like 1 week i got banned i asked why he told me i banned u i asked him why he told me iam an evader i told him u said u will not ban me then he didnt give me good reason to do it so this cuz of my honest to the admins if i did change my name no one would even notice or know that i was banned before and play but my honest made me get banned so if u see i cn play like everyone else like i was doing without hack i mean so please unban me and if not tell me the reason please .
    thnx for reading .

  • Unbanned.
    Even though it is obvious, and the rule states no Evaders allowed. I don't care if we share the same nationality, iam here to reinforce the rules on everyone.
    I have discussed with other staff members and we decided to give u a chance but that doesn't mean we have ignored the fact u installed cheats before.

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