Name : Ryni

  • Why were you banned?

    • i was banned cause of trying to climb tree many times and kicked without any reason due to fly hacking violation i was just having fun and exploring.

    Do you admit that you have/had cheats/hacks?

    • i didn't use any cheat on rust since i played it 1 year ago , total play time for me was 300+ hrs without any single ban i played many different servers

    Why do you think you should be unbanned?

    • i should be unbanned cause i didn't use any hack , and that tree was bugged i have evidence to show u that i climbed that tree just by doing some jumps , so what is the benefit from using hack to climb tree ??!???

  • Accuse? I just stated that you the previous appeal got deleted for a reason. That glitch could have been used to climb bases that why you get banned now before you would have used it on the others. Regarding the discord, If aren't sensible enough to bother looking at the rules or start spamming in PMs I would be happy to ban. Ex. if u rob a bank and get caught will u tell the police that u didn't know the law? You got banned for exploiting a glitch that convincing enough and as a rule that is commonly known we aren't forced to show evidence.

    • This topic will be closed as there is no point and not talking anything regarding your ban but just to insult the others because they trying to make the server better.

  • Jkoko said:

    I agree with you 100% !!
    And I add, "That here we are all volunteers, and this work we do for community, and we always do our best to keep the server up"! And we are always available to intervene on anything ....

    volunteering work is great thing but when u don't have enough skills to run something just leave it , in volunteering u learn new skills and help the community but u should be care of doing the opposite because of lack of experience i'm a gamer i played many games the common between all these games when u sure 100% of someone hacking u ban him and tell him the reasons and what he made wrong to show people that you ban him for convincing reason using evidences but when u don't have the full evidence or don't sure don't ban people based on what u think they may do
    Thanks Jkoko .

  • Firstly, i didn't make previous appeal on this forum this is my first appeal , be 100% sure when u accuse someone.

    Secondly, what was the advantage of climbing
    1 meter on the tree ?? tell me how you could consider that an advantage leads to ban ????
    could u show me a video of the advantage i made from climbing that tree by mistake ??
    not even any near base i could take advantage for that.

    Thirdly, i can buy the game no doubt of this but my friends decided to play on this server at the begging of the wipe so i played with them, notice that all my friends have game purchased but they decided this server to play together :)

    Finally, when someone makes ban appeal on discord and he didn't read rules neither noticed it because he was in rush and nervous for injustice ban don't just blame him and kick him out of server instantly u should behave politely with people.

  • I agree with you 100% !!
    And I add, "That here we are all volunteers, and this work we do for community, and we always do our best to keep the server up"! And we are always available to intervene on anything ....

  • Very funny my friend. First, Admins/Moderator don't play they only moderate and administrate the server. Second, you got banned for exploiting a glitch which gives an unfair advantage. Third, Rude? Boi, we informed that you were breaking the rules and were not cursing. to you. You talking shit after the staff agreeing not to unban you shows how petty you are. 10$? why don't u go and buy it then oh because of you here? You should be thankful that Crushed hosting cracked server for people who cant afford and our role is to make sure that cheaters and exploiters are not welcomed here. so accept your fate rather than just talking shit.

    +your previous appeal was auto-deleted because it didn't have a title and wasn't informative.

  • Many players here banned cause of stupid reasons like killing admin or raiding his base or fall in glitch by mistake u only look for money who will give u money ??? while u ban a lot of players with no convincing reason your server will fail soon. the huge number of players play u server just cause u have auto update service which is the only good thing but u can't run big server or deal with players politely u don't have experience in the field of management. don't forget that official rust is just 10$ and u get very great server and better than this one.
    if u can't reply to my messages delete them and i don't think u will reply, you only can ban and kick and delete.
    Good luck

  • i was bugged on the top of the tree i couldn't get down every time i jump i got kicked .
    Thanks for your convincing response , i was exploiting tree to get more wood to build big stadium of wood and sell drugs there
    Thanks for ur help.
    it's my bad that i tried to make ban appeal it was obvious from the begging u started to be rude with me i don't care about the server anymore all i care about are my friends i wanted to play with them.

  • Ban appeal denied. You were exploiting a glitch!

  • alt text

  • i will get it from friend who screened it and i will upload it here

  • Read the rules about glitches and exploits and you will understand why you were banned.

  • Before we decide our final discussion. Share your evidence :)

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