Some ideas

  • I have some ideas to this be better server (i think):

    • Smelted resources limit will be 10K (5K now)
    • Raid block: When you hit(even melee weapon) an obstacle, you and nearby players get 5 min raid block. If this will be, we can online raid too.
    • Normal helicopter health or just a little bit higher, ex. 10-20K hp
    • Online admins/moderators. Before the full-wipe there is no admins at all. I saw 2 times in a week. If you don't have enough time, try to invite new Chat Moderators, who can easily talk with admins.
    • Register/Login system. An emulator hacker appeared, removed lots of bases, and admins does nothing as i know. Even if a hacker join as my account, they can't or just hardly hack my password (i think).
    • Delete voteday! Night is good. When you're base is in raid, you have chance at night, with searching lights in terminals. (So players will use terminals too.)
    • Some events. I dont mean like tdm or dm events. Some event where you can win something relevant. (ex. vip, stuff.)

    I know you all dont have enough time to look after the server 24/7, but try it.
    And for the end, i didn't want anyone hurt, i didn't want to be offensive, just wrote some ideas. If you have objection against these, tell me in comments :)

  • Thnx for the suggestion!
    Smelted resource limit? Hmm, will think about it. Helicopter health is already on our list.
    We have already fixed the emulator glitch which will introduce the login system next wipe. Events give points for buying skins which are good enough. Regarding the staff members, We have a life and currently, as summer was coming up, exams and life problem had to be prioritized. Regarding the vote days, it is debatable as the majority wants it.

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