un ban me please admin pls

  • hi my name fahad i play on server
    i report everyone hacks i make daily report
    and ilove server so much i play on it 14 hours everyday and my steamid abo_krema007
    i was do it i was on cave and there pepole coming to raid me and i go cave and killed 1 2 headshot with my ak and another one i kill him 1 headshot and 3 hit then i wait on the cave cuz i was so scared and there man come with smg and he killed me and toke all loot then i feel sad cuz i lost the stuff and i log off and now i try to connect it say just banned from server and i talk admin on discord he say i must make ban appeal and i really hope i get unban because i love play on server with so much players its funny and fun moment happen on it thank you

  • These are days that I observe your actions, and today I saw what I had to see to confirm that you're cheating !! I'm sorry for you but, Ban Appeal DENIED!
    Good luck 🙂

  • thats right. but still was prefire and keep spray for nothing 🙂 how u know that.. im close to the cave entrance and why did you prefire me 😄 ? nice

    • admin go check logs
      he alredy told me im at cave and we going to raid you and when i go cave i killed one man and he not tari , then i wait and wait cuz tari he pm me and he say he at cave then i i wat and i eanter and shoot and i killed tari

    so you told me you at cave this not esp
    this is pm

  • me no hack no bad words no easp

  • This guy today just prefered me and m8's for nothing. esp confirmed.
    I hope staff never unban you!! 😄

    Was me who got the 2. hs.. but i just wait in the cave FaHaD just jump down from the cave "roof" and prefire spray me down.. 😉

    we report him.. and looks like he got instant ban for cheating:D
    Great staff!

    • before i log off i spawn at my bed at base and turret kill me thats all

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