• Hi my in-game name is -PEDO-

    I don't really know why I got banned 😞 .. when I tried to play on the server today it just said that I got banned from the server and doesn't show why..

    I do not have any hacks, because I personally think that using hacks shows how unskilled you are at the game..

    I want to be unbanned because I have friends in the server and I am really having a lot of fun in that server because its less laggy and I can met some random players who are trustworthy and wont scam me in trade 😄 ❤ .. and I don't really know why I was banned :s .. if it's because of my name I can change it (its actually my real nickname and its pronounced "PEH-DO") and If I broke one of your server rules and I was not aware of it please tell me and I will try my best to avoid that

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