• Hi
    -whats your name?
    -why were u banned?
    -do i admit that i have cheats/hacke?
    no i dont have  nthing related to than.did i ever use hacks?i used it once in rust legacy(4 years old rust) and i never used hacks since that.
    -why do u think u should get unbanned?
    bcs i wasnt hacking at all,i was roaming  with my ak i found some guys raiding kill them took their satchels then run i knew they would be back there so i deposit my stuff at base then go back with my ak and i was right they were back fighting i killed some of them then i was on a rock shooting untill i heared a crossy shot clearly from behind somwhere so i went to check then right when i killed the guy i got s my first wipe playing here and i hope i get unbanned.

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