800 ban(proof)

  • HI my name is 800 in the server.i got banned like 1 week ago for "DOKI DOKI AIMBOT".so,i did my 1st unbann appeal that was denied cuz the anticheat plugin detected that i have "hacks" wich i didnt have and i couldnt prove it.BUT,i did a little experiment:my friend reseted his pc and deleted all then downloaded rust and he played on ur server like 1 day.Then i gave him the anticheat that i was thinking it s the reason i got banned so after he install it in game folder and after playing like 2 hours in rusticaland server he got banned for "installed cheat detected"injector cheat" so what that was the proof that the russian anticheat that i used is the one that has been detected as a hack and to prove it to u u can even try it.the anticheat is called GAMEWER or alkad. hope u read this and resolver the problem.

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