Will i get banned?

  • -What is your name? art_iclesba
    -Why were you banned? i havent been banned yet on your server. but im afraid too be so the thing is i have been banned for like 2 months ago on real rust (not on your servers) so the reason why im posting this is that can i play here even if im banned on the real rust.?

    Why did i get banned? well  i got banned for makeing a unraideble base too many times that is now patched a long time ago. the base is that you can build the base a bit out into the ocean.

    Steam Profile http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198452527687/

    -Do you admit that you have / had cheats / hacks? No i have never used hacks before.
    -Why do you think you should be unbanned? i am not banned but im afraid to get banned.

    Thanks for reading!

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