Ban because we raid GM.

  • Hey. who run this server need to change someting . we raid today KOR clan our clan is ProdiG so today all day their clan verbal vs our expect this K4SS . in this hours 03:32 hour ''K4SS'' come to our mountian and start shouting we kill one time ok. he come back and he teleport to other places we run ti his place he teleport okey no problem. now he starting runing and we see him that he runing and we kill him and in this moment we are banned for esp . lol he staring shouting at our base because he is mad ''strongest clan in rust was raided by other bois lel?  so he will come to our base and make reasion we to kill him and they ban us. my nick gReeDy.aMx my friend name IteBobs YOU NEED TO CHANGE SOMETING. they are in clan all gm/admin or how this work. and they can raid everyone but nobody can raid them right? when someone raid him he have cheat or esp aimbot or someting what he will put reasion for ban. this is not good. you need to unban us and calm down this monkey's all day verbal because we raid that base they cant raid us because we have 5x strongest base vs him and let's ban him because who care right? in this situation is this: your head of this admin. make clan invite all gm/admins and nobody can raid u ? its not like this we need fair play everyday coming new guys who are better that u. your/you will not be no.1 every time. or there is another version they ban us and till we make ticket and someting else they raid us because nobody will defend our base we are banned? We need fast answer / unban we need to protect our base they ban us to raid because they are pussy cant raid when someone is online. because they are ''Skilled''.

    ''If this admin/gm go on more like this you will be only with bot's like that in launch site.''

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