Rusticaland wipe-cycle change details

  • [size=small][color=#ffcc33][font=Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif][b]IMPORTANT PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT[/b][/font][/color][/size]

    [size=small][color=#ffcc33][font=Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif]Rusticaland wipe-cycle change details:[/font][/color][/size]

    [color=#ffcc33][size=small][font=Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif]After long discussions with players and staff members and analyzing the settings of a lot server we decided to change our very old wipe schedule we have since the beginnings. [/font][/size][size=small][font=Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif]

    So we will wipe the map every 2 week, but keep the BPs and skins you gathered and wipe them at the forced wipe only.
    We are also changing the vote rewards to balance them and a new modified list will be enabled at wipe on 5th of April.

    Wipe schedule of the future:

    22th of March - 3500 map, main changes and plugins implemented, BP wipe is not decided yet

    5th of April - Full forced wipe

    19th of April - Midmonth map wipe, no BP / skin wipe

    3rd of May - Full wipe



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