Got banned for nothing ?

  • Hi my name is chev chelios and i just want to say that i got banned for nothing on this server i cant believe this stuff actualy happens i killed some people with Ak today and everyone reported me for Hacking  no recoil scripts aimbot esp ? and why becouse i have original rust and 1.5k hours i am practicing pvp every day on official servers.and why i cant be good i was playng on this server a long time now from old XP system i dont know what happend is it becouse the Admins are Kids like Unicorn or Jkoko.i realy like the server and i hope i get unbanned becouse this is just stupid.

    and i think all of my Friends Got Banned Fitymajszter BackStabber

    i hope this is the id becouse i dont know where to find it ;D

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