About anticheat

  • i'm a guy have banned with hax3s. i'm so bad. sorry, but i need to know admin only detect me when i'm using free hack a.k.a hax3s.dll ? if i make my own cheat with another name and free source on internet, i'll not get detected ? i do this cuz first time i'm playing on this server, 1 clan really big have 2 member using hack + wall bug to raid all of us (6-7 ppl defense). they only headshot and know where we are, breaking 1 way to main loot room. idk why they can keep playing to now without get banned to right now ? ( few month ). i know admin do better they can but still need more. i just change name of .dll for play without detected in 1-2 month.
    sorry for my fault and my English not good

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