Applying to the work team ;)

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    My name is ProWhite_Ghost, You can call me mohammed.
    iam 14 years old
    I have been playing on this server since november 2016
    Been playing rust for 1 year 
    I can be online for at least 4-5 hours per day
    I can be available for at least 5-6 hours per day
    I have been admin for 3 servers in minecraft xD True story.
    I wanna be a mod/admin to help the server and to be honest we see only 1 admin online everyday. And i think it would be suitable for me to be an admin/mod in this server since i have a lot of time to moderate the server. Btw i can be anything ( Mod, admin, Chat moderator).
    I have only got experincing in HTML and now iam learning about java script.
    I wish you guys accept me for the best of the server :)