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    [*]Your Name?     Jobukakk152

    [*]How old are you?    14

    [*]How long are you playing on Rusticaland?    in total 2 months and 47 hours

    [*]How long are you playing Rust ?   in total of rust exerimental i think like 5 months or more

    [*]How many hours a day can you be Online?      depends on how much homework do i need to do

    [*]How many hours a day can you be Avalible? ( Like Teamspeak, Steam chat , etc.)      like 5-6 hours normaly

    [*]Did you already got any experience as an ingame admin, mod or similar?   no

    [*]Why you want to be admin/mod // Why you want to work in our team?     because i want to help out the server.
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    [*]Did you got experience  in...         No but i have had a teamspeak server

    [*]-Programming? ( C#, Java, HTML, SQL, PHP)  
    -Maintaining Teamspeak?-Maintaining a Website?-Maintaining a Forum?