For the next wipe some ideas from fucker can

  • So first of all we give you a big thumbs up for remove zlevel and reduce the gather rate :-) it makes the game more balanced. But on the other side we miss the zlevel's crafting time mechanism. If someone gets the perfect quarry spot (5metal,5sulphur,5stone,4hq). That's can be very anoying to craft the whole day with this amount of materials. I think to make it better u should put it back(only crafting part of it) but increase the percentage of losing xp and dont give us such a good kit like WIPE kit because this made us lazy and free livers(ingyenélő). And remove this shit feature when your items 50% respawn with you. Its very handy when u r a naked guy even u dont have a base, to solve this problem give us this "buff" for a few hours and no more. Think it over guys as fast u can. I'm looking forward to your answers. Best whishes (In Rust everything can happen)

  • Szia!

    Magyarul válaszolok, így valszeg könnyebb (ENGLISH BELOW).

    1.) Crafting sebességről még nincs döntés, Crushed remélhetőleg építési joghoz fogja kötni megint az insta / gyorsított craftolást.
    2.) 2x gather a terv a wipe után.
    3.) Wipe kit csak most van mivel csak egyetlen hét volt a két wipe között. Wipe után nem lesz.
    4.) A halál után is megmaradó tárgyak szintén nem lesznek wipe után.


    1.) There is no decision about crafting speed yet. Hopefully Crushed will revert the reduced / instacraft speed to the building rights radius.
    2.) After wipe the plan is the 2x gathering.
    3.) No more wipe kit after wipe ofc (it was because of the only one week timeframe between the two wipes).
    4.) There won't be inventory restoration after wipe.


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