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    [][font=Georgia][size=medium][size=xx-large][size=large][size=medium][size=small]What is your name?[/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/font]
    ][font=Georgia][size=small]Why were you banned?[/size][/font]
    Banned: Enforcing Anticheat : Installed Cheat  detected
    [][font=Georgia][size=small]Do you admit that you used cheats / hacks?[/size][/font]
    I dont have or had cheat and i was pressing quickly Ctrl + Space cause im stuck between Largefurnace and wall, directly got banned after that.
    ][size=small][font=Georgia]Why do you think you should be unbanned?[/font][/size]
              I still have some friends i want to play with in this server

  • Unbanned.

    I recommend, using our Rusticaland-Launcher tho, you can find the Downloads at

    We will keep an eye out.

    You Welcome.

  • You must have been misunderstood something. You used the [b]exact same[/b] IP that guy with cheat used. I replaced the last digits of your IP to .xxx, because I dont wan't anyone else to know your IP, but the IP is the same. So we didn't ban a scope of IPs.

    Btw the chance that you and the "other" player with hacks joins from the same IP with the same game to the same game server is [b]0,000027%[/b] based on Tunisia IP addresses scope.

  • Dear ExtremeEditionHUN,
    I am Tunisian, and in Tunisia we don't have static IP address freely, it's possible but not for free, we take dynamic IP address every time we reboot our routers, that's why u found that "Monster" connecting with same IP address as I was.
    My friend spoke with Crashed of my case, and he told him to reply again and clarify this point, that's what I've done, please consider my response as friendly purpose and not offensive for anyone.
    This 2 links specify IP addresses we use in Tunisia (one in english the other in french but can be translated), in which they clarify that public IP Addresses in Tunisia are Dynamic.

    Thank you.

  • 76561198288914452 / MoNsTeR joined from the IP and AntiCheat banned the profile and IP of it.
    You have the same IP as him, thats why you got banned.

    [b][color=#ff3333]APPEAL DENIED[/color][/b]

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