Banned for cheater association (Stalin)

  • Why were you banned? Cheater association

    Do you admit that you have/had cheats/hacks? I was fully aware that one of my clanmates tped a guy to us and he was flexing with his cheats, but he told me to not kill him.. and he got banned.

    Why do you think you should be unbanned? I think I should be unbanned because ... things happened fast..(that guy tped to one of my clanmates and cheated less than 30 minutes and got banned...) I didn’t have enough time to think about what I was doing.. Also.. my clanmates told me that they are good at pvp.. they like fighting and just bring to the base loot.. I don’t know if they cheat or not, but some players said that they are using ESP.

  • 30 minutes is a lot to think through what are you doing. PM me on discord next wipe will see as for this wipe u will remain banned

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