TheCloaker's ban appeal

  • Why were you banned? Recoil Script

    Do you admit that you have/had cheats/hacks? Nope.

    Why do you think you should be unbanned? I don't know how you guys ban for recoil scripts but their was a fatal issue because today I was playing with my friends on the 3x and had a ton of fun but, right after my friend hopped offline for the night a tabbed out to go chat in discord then when I tab back in when I was banned, I understand if this was human error, as you have heard before no one is perfect not me nor anyone else. I enjoy Rusticaland 3x and I just wanna play it with my friends, if their is anyway for me to provide proof that I did not cheat tell me and I can try to help to make this easier for this sticky situation.

  • We ban for recoil scripts cause we have "things" for that.

    Ban Appeal denied

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