[appeal] I "ban evaded" without a) being banned before and b) evadeing

  • a) why was i banned?

    i was banned for ban evading (i haven't been banned before) by using a macro of alt + f4 to stop badly behaving apps (i have not the best pc) and rust was glitchy.

    b) do you admit to using hacks/glitches?

    if a alt f4 mouse macro counts then yes i was using it with my mouse software bound to mb5. However i did not hack/ glitch any items, kills ect

    c) why i should unban you?

    well, having a bad pc isn't against the rules and neither is macros ( as far as i am aware ) so it comes without saying i want to be un-banned, if there is a valid reason to ban me, Staff have to justify their bans to the players so i would like to see logs or a video to prove i was

    a) banned before
    b) tried ban evading

    another thing to note is i have never been banned on steam or vac banned, i have a clean slate

    my steam is :
    steamID: STEAM_0:1:557555593
    steamID3 : STEAM_0:1:557555593
    steamID64: 76561199075376915
    i would like this to be resolved by either explaining to me what happened or by an unban

    pic of my side of the logs > https://prnt.sc/tksvqq

    -yours sincerely, spoon

    EDIT: i realized macros are an "unfair advantage" but what am i gonna do? alt f4 out of a gunfight? please realize alt f4 isnt a thing you should ban :)

  • :( tried redownloading and rebooting aswel

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