Ban Appeal

  • Hello, I downloaded rust yesterday, and I've been playing fine until now. Today When I got on, I was banned on all of the community servers and it said I was cheating and the expiration was never. I have never cheated on any games, and I have no idea why it says this. I did not use Cheats or Hacks at all, the only programs I have open when I'm playing are steam, discord, . I think I should be unbanned because I never cheated or broke any of the rules on the servers, and it banned me for no reason.

  • ok so first off the community servers are not rusticalands, secondly its cuz ur in cracked. To join ruisticaland hit f1 and type client.connect[server] the vannila one is 22after the 280 and training is 18 and modded is 15 have fun

  • my steam id MidouRya

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