Halt - Ban Appeal

  • After only several hours of playing i was randomly banned with the reason of "having a lot of game bans", which yes, is true however i was not cheating on rust and i feel this ban is not justified. I mean think about it, you don't get banned on Rainbow Six Siege for cheating on Fortnite, you would only get banned for cheating on the said game.
    Like said above, I WAS NOT, using any cheats on rust and i am confused at what rung any alarms, i had only killed one moving player, the rest were sleepers, and even then, i only killed around 2 sleepers.
    I think i should be unbanned because there is nothing that points to fact that i am cheating apart from my previous bans, the ban is injustified and i had no chance to prove myself.

  • oh didn't see that, ig it's fair then, sorry :c

  • You said you have a lot of game bans, which is against the rules. Not an admin, but just read the rules. Not that hard.

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