• 1.I did not played with any cheats.I played with a guy how sad that he was good and he did not had any cheats(i dont know if he had or not he said that he was just good and i belived him.) 2.I have been banned for using cheats.(I did not used) I did not had cheats /Hacks. I think i should be Unbanned because i did not used any kind of cheats.I said that i played with a player but he said that he was just good. His in game name is:ZeusKiller. i Don't think i deserved the ban that i got . Ban Expire:NEVER! So Admins Please answer i made this new post instead of the old one .Thank You.I hope i could get unbanned!Thanks again!

  • @KoRaM
    yoour name in game ts : ZeusKiller???o O!
    maybe you wrong server dude?LOL
    whats is your steam ID??

  • Stop spamming the ban appeal section with your posts, and commenting on your own posts. Just wait dude

  • I took the ban right at 00:00 in the wipe day!

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