• HI.
    Today I was camped by my new neigbours HACKER Clan and I think the clan name explain everything. I though that I read every new dev log I watch every new video about the new updates and I didn't know that people can shoot you when your windows are close and can hear you moving in your base and know all your movments when they are at least 150 meters away from you. All this make me think that they are hacking not thinking but 100% sure even their kills are all lower spine head shoulders aimbot usual kills + like all their kills with bolt from distence become chest shots because of the bullet drop but in close range headhshots I don't think that's just luck. I think all those are proofs lead to the conclusion that they are using ESP / Aimbot all I ask that they get checked by an admin and I'll assure you he will find their acts so weird. I was accused for hacking just because I won a 2 vs 1 at night time and I think I was checked for that I hope you take my report seriously. I can't add screenshots or videos because I can't take shots when I'm fighting them plus I don't have any program to record. I'm getting online raided now and they went directly to the tc and loot room like if  they new the base from inside anyway I ended up despawning everything I had because I prefer that than giving it to hackers it's not enough that they are fucking zerg 5 vs 1 ( 5 man clan is a damn zerg for a small server ) but they have hackers too anyway I hope they didn't get that much because I had like what's enough to fully gear an army in my base xD.
    Wish you a good day and thank you.

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