Not scripting, and got banned

  • Hello, as you can probably tell from the title, I got banned for rule #5 (No-Recoil). This occurred after taking attack helicopter with a teammate, where I changed my sens and shot with an AK, to see my spray with it. After that, I went into my base and shot a M249 (Which I just got from heli, after taking it down 8 or 9 times) into a wall with a 8x on while my sens ingame was set to 5 (I usually play with 0.8) where I just dragged it down. Then I got banned.

    TL;DR: I got banned because my spray changed a bit in how good it was because I changed my sensitivity back and forth for fun with my teammate.

    My Steam name: Fond

    This isn't my normal account either, I installed it because my friends don't have money for Rust, and I thought this was the only way we could play together.

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