Training Ak Ban Appeal.

  • Why were you banned? EAC Ban accosiated with my IP.
    Do you admit that you have/had cheats/hacks? Yeah for Steam Rust. I reversed EAC for a week but got banned for a kernel driver ( External Cheat ) and recoil scripting.
    Why do you think you should be unbanned? I have racked up reports for using cheats even though I havent. I used the quicklauncher ( Not anymore since it dont open on my pc ). I played legit since ever getting banned on rust...

  • it's easy to understand why ....
    1- You admitted that you cheated!
    2-You have been banned from EAC legit RUST "for CHEATING!
    3-We have the same rules "Zero tolerance for cheaters"!
    I don't understand what you want or what proofs you need to understand DENIAL!

  • Can I ask what the reason for the denial is ?

  • Ban appeal DENIED!!!

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