Todays Wipe ----

  • A few Things to say about the Wipe that is comming now,

    After we pushed the Client. Ill give not too much time before Shutdown and Wipe.
     After i Turned of the Rust dedicated server, i will restart the whole root server, means website,forum,Teamspeak,the game and HTTP downloads will be unavalible for up to 3 min . 
    so dont panic.

    After i reset most of the Data and setup the Basic start for the new month, Server will start. you will be able to join after update your client

    But as im a normal Human being with a normal job,  im tired today, and will pretty much not do EVERYTHING now..

    So please dont spam like a MF . Wait for every setting or plugin that will comming ,

  • ------------------------------------THE WIPE IS GONNA BE ON FRIDAY. UPDATE IS THROWING ISSUES THAT NEEDS FIX FIRST-------------------------------------------

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