• So i been banned recently .... not because of hacks .... because a command didnt work .... so its 16:00 and i killed a lot of people entering their bases and stuff im prety good whit bow .... but one guy whos idea of Rust was total .... Dumb he was litteraly dumb sry for description but u cant say anything else just Big mouth whos having 23 minutes into the game ..... he was getting to the point where he was having metal doors and codelocks .... So i naturaly camp door him as i was trying to using Snowball and i got his first door large open no airlock than after he spawns he stay there 2000 minutes waiting for me to leave but i didnt so... I just Spam E on the door than i decide maybe luck would do it ... so i try few codelocks didnt work than after 20 minutes he tell me CODELOCK HACKS ... AFter 5 minutes making a friend getting beatet up to death by heli guys .... A mod comes and on Russian he start counting 5 min thats literaly what he said no tripladevin or something after at 3 min i look at chat and see my name 3 min tripladevin and i was asking cause i never cheatet i mean i will not cheat if i know i spent 100 of hours playing rust and im actualy prety good and i ask What?
    than he keeps counting till 1 and i spam massages why and thing and he say something about commands and i looked every where on my screen and i see something /discord /Skype i was litterly SPAMMING /discord and nothing happen a russian msg appeared whit ! at end .... so i didnt cheat .... i didnt use any type of exploit glitch.... its was the server fault .... again i was typing /discord all i needed to not get banned and didnt work soo... ban for no motivation it sucks
    Also the guy who called a mod was calling me in any way when i killed him ... he was accusing me of toxic behiour like .. bruh he startet because we got in a argument about pressing E on a door freaking dumb kid Who got me banned hope i get unbanned so i can raid over and over again

  • Whaaat!? O o".....

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