faultyafraidrail23 esp + aim

  • He just walked right up my base when i just logged in said "get out of this base" and just proceeded to try to talk his way into my base but he didn't succeced. Then he just stalked me everywhere no matter where i went literally did nothing and he still found me. One of the things i saw weird too was that he is just getting headshots on me without even swinging his weapon...

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  • S

    When is wipe on vanilla

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  • 5806c188-0e1d-4bbb-a2d3-71e69a15d773-image.png now he said this

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  • I've installed Rusticaland and that's ok, Client works but
    The QuickLauncher won't start and idk why, when i try to open the RusticalandLauncher from the Game Folders say this error, i've already tried to uninstall everything and re download but anything, any help?Screenshot_1.png

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