RUST DevBlog 214 (July Update) (07/04/2019)

  • ⇷ [ Rusticaland servers and client has been updated! ] ⇸ Update download from v2177 to v2180 is now available! Update size for Rusticaland users: 2GB To update open the RusticalandLauncher.exe RUST DevBlog 214 (July Update) (07/04/2019) (8.8GB) GDRIVE: MEGA: HTTP: Next full wipe is on 1st of August Next map wipe is on 18th of July To join Rusticaland's Modded Rust Server, Open command box [F1] in-game then type connect To join Rusticaland's Vanilla Rust Server, Open command box [F1] in-game then type connect Please consider voting for our server. you get rewards/loot while at the same time helping us ;) Vote 1: Vote 2: If you haven't already, be sure to connect your Discord account by typing in the in-game chat, /discordauth it will provide you with a code. Message the discord bot @Rusticaland Auth with the code. This will give you access to the rest of the discord server! and a weekly supply signal in-game kit! Website: Forum: Discord: Steam group: Server rules: Important information related to our clients: Global banlist: Currently being developed About Jester bonus (Currently disabled):

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