Ban appeal

  • My name in game is Dave.been playing in the server for 2 days then today when im crafting some stuff at base i went to the rooof and start spraying with ak and m2 at barrels to train my spray.sudnly i got banned . cheat detected.i didnt cheat or use any exploit.PS 1 : my ak/m2 spray is insane.PS2 :i have some ak pvp clips from this 2 days in ur server if u wanna proof.

  • hm,,,,,"start spraying with ak and m2 at barrels to train my spray"" yea with No-Recoil!!! LOL?
    Ban Appeal DENIED!

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  • S

    When is wipe on vanilla

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  • 5806c188-0e1d-4bbb-a2d3-71e69a15d773-image.png now he said this

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  • I've installed Rusticaland and that's ok, Client works but
    The QuickLauncher won't start and idk why, when i try to open the RusticalandLauncher from the Game Folders say this error, i've already tried to uninstall everything and re download but anything, any help?Screenshot_1.png

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