• I'm downloading the game again. Let's see if it will be long!

    alt text


    I downloaded and I updated the game 7 days ago, quick and easy.

    Yesterday and today, it is super slow, and when it reached 51% the update corrupted. I forgot print out of anger!

    Something on the update servers is preventing us from updating the game.

    I've rebooted modem, router and power!

    Google and other programs, okay! But this patch (DB212) is having problems after DB213

    Do something!
    low download rusticaland

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    When is wipe on vanilla

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  • I've installed Rusticaland and that's ok, Client works but
    The QuickLauncher won't start and idk why, when i try to open the RusticalandLauncher from the Game Folders say this error, i've already tried to uninstall everything and re download but anything, any help?Screenshot_1.png

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