Banned for "NoRecoil'

  • So, i was playing for the 3rd day on the server i was going to the oil rig with some and i was waiting for him i shot at him (We were talking on discord) and the i got a PM from a CM saying "why are u hacking?" i wasn't hacking and i told him i'm not hacking (does me shooting someone means i'm hacking?) then i went to the oil rig and started to shoot NPC from a boat and then i got kick for "cunt" so i Rejoined and i got kicked again so i changed my steam name to Commander Kaje and joined the server and he kicked me for "Kaje" (Kaje is a real name) then i waited and changed my name to "Коммандер Джейк" then joined the server and played for some time and i got kicked again and this time he said change your name so i changed my name to "General Sheperd" and i started playing and everything is ok and only me and my friend are online on the server (no mods/admins online) so we were raiding someone and after we got TC of the 2nd base i got banned (from console(player counter was 2 me and my friend)) it said NoRecoil by Jkoko
    and how did that admin judge on me that i was having NoRecoil when he wasn't even online? or did the CM tell him too? and even if the CM told him to he should have checked himself rather than blindly banning someone (Treat ur players better) (Servers like rustafied take like a week to confirm if someone is hacking or not so they don't mistakenly ban a pro player) but the staff on Rusticaland is like NOPE
    no pro players here if i can control the AK spray that mean i have NoRecoil? i just want the owner of rusticaland to have a good look at his staff and have another look at my Ban

  • Hmm the fact that you are telling us how to moderate the server is funny by itself. What do u mean no admin/mod online? I don't need to tell you that all of our bans are either automated by the anti-cheat or manually checked, you were tested positive for no recoil multiple time in a short period of time. Not only that... We got our ways of checking cheaters ;)
    You weren't banned from the console, you were actually banned by Jkoko for no-recoil (All staff confirmed the ban)
    We do treat our players kindly and even give them the benefits of the doubt, which is why our CM gave you a warning but u still proceeded to continue with No-recoil cheat. and oh the cherry on the cake, I found you in a discord server that provides cheats for how many users u invite. So yeah I guess u got nothing to say back now.

    Ban Appeal denied!

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