Does the rusticaland launcher work for mac OSX too?

  • Does the rusticaland launcher work for mac OSX too?
    My friend has a mac pc and asked me to share the link for rust, but I'm not sure if it work for those type of pc's.
    Thanks in advance

  • @ProWhite_Ghost - the only issue is that, the Bootcamp gpu is slower due to it trying to use more ram, or gpu ram, i have mac pro laptop and runing full CCTV with 4gb ram, and that is lagging badly slow... if u have a cheap pc, build it on ddr3, or ddr4, and add in xfx gpu :)

  • You can try to use bootcamp for it. Bootcamp is Apple's tool that allows you to install windows on your mac on a partition of your SSD that it creates. WARNING: We don't give support for that.

  • The Rusticaland Launcher will definitly not.
    Its build with .NET / C# .

    Rust itself im not really sure. They have MAC Support ,yes.
    But i dont know if you need a special client for that .

    And if not., u still can download our client, and just dont use the launcher :)

    But no promises :s

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