Black and low poly textures...

  • ill start from a problem i have. Something is bugged with my textures ingame where buildables (walls, doorways. etc..) are completely black. All of the rock formations ar blank and low poly and nodes are also black. I dont know if its a problem on my end or on yours.
    Id love to hear from you soon.

  • Thank you for contacting us!
    Seems like some textures/files been corrupted from your client, try re-downloading the client

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  • U posted as the same person from 2 accounts as I said on your other post . Ban appeal DENIED!

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  • M

    Okay i was banned for some reason maybe a glitch i was standing in my base opened my door and got glitched between 2 doors and flied and then got banned for reason Cheat Detected So if its a misunderstanding could you please unban me? my discord is:MatuxS#6620

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  • The fact that u admit using scripts in our server, and trying to join with a different steam under a different name, your ban appeal is DENIED!.

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