ban by other game ban

  • i was banned for have a game ban in pubg, the last week i got hacked, and now i have my account back, the hacker played PUBG with hacks and now im banned. But im talking with steam and PUBG to get back the game ban, please i really enjoy playing at your server, if you need proves i have

  • Please provide a pic of ur game ban saying u have received a ban in PUBG

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    When is wipe on vanilla

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  • 5806c188-0e1d-4bbb-a2d3-71e69a15d773-image.png now he said this

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  • I've installed Rusticaland and that's ok, Client works but
    The QuickLauncher won't start and idk why, when i try to open the RusticalandLauncher from the Game Folders say this error, i've already tried to uninstall everything and re download but anything, any help?Screenshot_1.png

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