Help please..

  • Hello,new player to the rustica family,ive downloaded rust today and rustica launcher but the main problem is when i launch the latest rusticalauncher it opens normally and starts checking for updates then it says it is outdated and needs new update,,then it opens the black (like command promp window) and it says : '' unhandled exception:OutOfMemoryException.'' and it just crashes and nothing happens..
    -Thank you in advance for the reply!

  • oh yes and i forgot to mention when i was downloading the rust experimental rar from the browser it downloaded perfectly,but when i came to the extraction part most of the files(309 to be exact)were corrupted.

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  • U posted as the same person from 2 accounts as I said on your other post . Ban appeal DENIED!

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  • M

    Okay i was banned for some reason maybe a glitch i was standing in my base opened my door and got glitched between 2 doors and flied and then got banned for reason Cheat Detected So if its a misunderstanding could you please unban me? my discord is:MatuxS#6620

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  • The fact that u admit using scripts in our server, and trying to join with a different steam under a different name, your ban appeal is DENIED!.

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