Skin pack download

  • Hey guys new to the game/server. I'm trying to download the skin pack using the launcher.

    But the launcher is stuck please stand by.

  • November 2 we do the full wipe, I advise you to wait to download everything ... (including skin pack) ... because each update add skin and things ... Join in our steam group rusticaland for all info, you will be notified every server update or other ..
    Thank you

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  • U posted as the same person from 2 accounts as I said on your other post . Ban appeal DENIED!

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  • M

    Okay i was banned for some reason maybe a glitch i was standing in my base opened my door and got glitched between 2 doors and flied and then got banned for reason Cheat Detected So if its a misunderstanding could you please unban me? my discord is:MatuxS#6620

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  • The fact that u admit using scripts in our server, and trying to join with a different steam under a different name, your ban appeal is DENIED!.

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