Cave Exploit

  • Hello everyone.

    i am here to report some players for an abuse in this server at 04 am 24/07/2018

    Name : Wolverine - kratOs -

    So at 04 Am this morning this players decide to raid a cave base without breaking the large walls but from the elevator.They simply "Pro_white know all details " ( bug exploit not fixed in this server )

    At 09 Am , an admin connect and i explained him all the facts.He investigate and obviously found how they proced, he decide to ban the responsable.Who after found his account banned gives the tips to his friends.

    Name : 7mody - IBqd - and the (Aim) clan.

    They did the same exploit : " Pro_white know all details ". They raid the cave base as normal as possible : doors and Tc.

    Tons of stuff got stoled with a bug exploit, a hard work stole with cheating.

    Bug exploit are illégal and sanctionned with perma ban, they did this knowing the consequence that KratOs payed before.

    I wish you consider my report and decide to act with law and rules of server. Cheater are not welcome in such good server.


  • kratOs been banned temp for 2 weeks as punishment
    The exploit can't be fixed because that a bug from the developer and not a server side.

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