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  • Hi again so i comed up with one of the server admins idea or suggestion that i should write an ban appeal again if i was banned unfairly. and i was, banned unfairly, isnt this clear enough to see. its not even funny to write anymore im just saying i didint hack what should i say or do more so you could understand. (its kinda funny how i got banned for ESP too becouse im screaming in discord where are you guys all the time) atleast if you ban me ban for AIMBOT becouse i was good in pvp and with an AK bye now

  • what? i was banned several times and than unbaned by EX or by pravzz but then again some of them left and some of them cant help becouse they werent the ones who banned me either so its bad now you are taking over the control i dont understand you said you tested me how on your ''Console Noclip vision its not how its done'' and HOW am i getting appeal denied all the time when i dont use hack and i dont ban evade ?

  • You've been tested several times, and you've always been positive to suspects for hacks by ExtremeHUN ....
    Sorry Ban Appeal DENIED

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