" Banned for aimbot "

  • " Banned for aimbot "

    I'm raiding a shitshack with bean cans and satchels and see a dude crawl over the rocks. Come to find out its two dudes, not one.

    Awesome, a counter raid with only 20 people online at the furthest point of the map during low-pop time.

    I kill one, the other guy doesn't push me so I get time to heal. He finally pushes my corner and I kill him also.

    Then not long after I've picked up their loot, I received a manual ban.

    Mind you, both of them had no armor. One was a rad suit, the other plane clothes.

    Not sure I should laugh or not.

  • Sorry, we will have to recap because we got brainless dude here who doesn't read. You got banned for rapid firing and I wouldn't be surprised if you also got an aimbot with that as most aimbot comes with rapid firing.
    Superdome wasn't the reason for your ban and Jkoko already explained his mistake to interfere.

    • Before you used to say Speedhacking which u meant rapid firing. So I guess iam discussing with some dumb fuck who wants to correct grammar, let play it then.

    • " beahbiour " was a typo
      "What does that even consitute" you couldn't even spell "consitute" , it is constitute and you also referred rapid firing to speed hacking shows how dumb you are as both are 2 different things. The evidence was the combat log maybe if you open your eyes you notice the evidence and stop acting stupid or maybe, in fact, stop being one. Labelled as biggest Hypocrite, take it as the word of the day for you, it means when you doing something yourself that you're making fun of.

    • Oh, another mistake by the Hypocrite, "or you WHERE one of the two players." it is "were". Know the difference. "now you're backpedaling to save face." it is "backpedalling". I will not waste time checking your shit so yeah
      Ban Appeal denied
      -1 cheater from the server

  • Out of precaution, I'm going to screen-cap the thread. In-case you attempt to delete, close or alter my posts.

    Also; you couldn't even spell " beahbiour " properly lol.

  • @prowhite_ghost " banned for aimbot " now you're say I was banned for " rapid firing ".

    What does that even consitute. Are you now saying I am using some form of macro?

    I googled " rust rapid firing ". And that's the only result it returns. YouTube videos about macros.

    In all honesty, you seem to flip flop with your conviction. I don't see any real evidence, and only your ever changing; convoluted story.

    Lets recap:

    1. Mistakenly told by staff it was a superdome ban for detecting " plugins "
    2. Story changes to no it was a manual ban for aimbot
    3. Story changes again to " well it wasn't aimbot but probably speedhacks " *which would be auto-detected by superdome if I was
    4. Story changes again to now its " rapid firing "
    5. We have no evidence of aimbot, which was the original ban reason; but you probably where aimboting

    Does any of this seem rational? I've done a bit of research, and see dozens of player reports for abuse/oversight in unjust bans with your server.

    I usually would take them with a grain of salt, but after this entire ordeal; I'm inclined to believe them.

    I don't think I will get anywhere with you, as you seem to be the responsible party which instituted this false ban. Manipulated this false narrative and simply are not candid enough to admit your wrong doings. I will rely on server owner's to correct your clear abuse of power.

  • To be precise, you got banned for rapid firing and I wouldn't be surprised if you also got an aimbot with that as most aimbot comes with rapid firing.

    • the logs didn't say that u killed 3 different people at the same time, it says u killed the same dude 3 times apparently in less than 1 second which alerts suspicious. Being kicked for UDP player flooding got nothing to do with it. Combatlog doesn't get affected by lag.

  • @prowhite_ghost So you're telling me that I was banned for " aimbot ", by you, mere seconds after defeating two counter raiders.

    What do these server logs prove? You said I " aimbot ", and then post these vague server logs which indicate I killed an opponent 3 times in a few seconds? Are you now saying I'm speedhacking? It doesn't make much sense.

    Why don't you also take a moment to also review your logs during that date; a lot of players that very same game session where being kicked by oxide for UDP player flood. Which is caused by high latency. Often by repeating actions due to lag, like repeatable opening doors, chests, or shooting.

    So explain to me, what exactly this server log proves. Was it aimbot, or was it speedhacking?

    To sum this entire thread up, I was apparently banned instantly during low-pop hours after defeating counter raiders (which you claim wasn't you). So either you where a friend of one of the players, or you WHERE one of the two players. Which is sadly a shame, if I had of been streaming your entire lie would come undone.

  • @x6 "Way too many differing correspondences being stated by your staff. Sounds like a straight case of admin abuse, and now you're backpedalling to save face." It seems you got a stick up ur ass so let me help you solve that by saying first Administrator and Moderators don't play so I wasn't the one who was killed + We don't ban players because we dislike them we ban them for breaking the rules. By confirming I mean by releasing final discussion which is WHY you made this ban appeal, oh and I almost forgot


  • @prowhite_ghost I'm sorry, but that is an absurd claim and vague at the very best.

    " Shooting 4 bullet having the same melisecond isn't possible legitly :) "

    What does that even mean. So you're one of the two players that I defeated during the counter raid?

    I was banned for " aimbot ", but you're now claiming (if I understand correctly) I speedhack?

    Way too many differing correspondence being stated by your staff. Sounds like a straight case of admin abuse, and now you're backpedaling to save face.

    If you want to ban players because you're upset, that's fine. Your server. But do not lie and accuse me of cheating.

    I know discord isn't for appealing decisions, but I will start a talk with private crabs. I think this is a clear cut case of abuse via authority.

    Edit: I also want to quote this

    alt text.

    I was banned in haste by an upset player. Who now has to apparently dig for imaginary evidence to justify said actions.

    Maybe English is not your first language, but that's how it reads. You banned me after being killed, and are now only going to " confirm " your reasoning.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Sorry for the inconvenience with the other staff. You have been banned by me for aimbot and will be confirmed manually by me today soon.
    Shooting 4 bullet having the same millisecond isn't possible legitly :)

  • Dude if you banned Privatecrabs I can not do anything about it.You have to wait for his answer .....
    the post for the SuperDome was not for you, not how it ended up here: D I'm sorry
    You have to talk to Privatecrabs for your ban .... Good luck

  • @jkoko None of that makes sense.

    Superdome displays a ban like " banned by superdome ". I know this, becuase I saw it happen to someone else during my short lived time on your server.

    I wasn't banned by superdome. It was a manual ban. It was the last thing I saw at top of screen before being disconnected. . "72382blahblah was banned for reason " aimbot "

    I've asked for a reason to why I was banned, and have yet to receive one. No one called crushed has messaged me here, or via discord. The only person of power I've talked to was Administrator crabs. And that was about another issue, with trolls and the safe zone.

    Are you even sure you're talking to me/about my case? I see deleted messages above, that have nothing to do with me.

    Please take the time to see this from my point of view. Like I explained above, I had just killed two people; one out of the two who apparently must of had some form of mod/admin access that banned me for no reason other than being outplayed.

    If that's how you want to run your server, that's fine. But do not accuse me of cheating, when that simply isn't the case.

    Again; my player name in-game: It's Not Even Cold

    Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/xBerlinRose

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  • I am not sure what these deleted comments are. I'm not here to argue, or cause trouble. Just want an genuine answer to why I was unjustly banned.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • In-game name: It's Not Even Cold

    Admins I've spoken to: Crabs via discord (previously, the day before about griefers in safe zone stealing from research tables)

    If someone in a position of power can tell me why I was banned. Other than someone who had admin access being upset about dying?

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