Problem with server

  • I have many problems with the server:

    • I can't reach admins immediately. When something happens, can't ask admins when they not online.
    • Ban for no reason. We were banned because we can shoot. Thanks :)
    • If you build a bigger base, can't fit more than one day required mat in tc (smelted material size should be raised)
    • Can't see nobody. I don't know i was the noob or not, but when i came across the map i saw 3-4 poeple of the 59 online. I don't know everybody that coward, or just other part of map but try to idea something for this.
    • Raid block doesn't work. In other server when you HIT the building, you got 5 min raid block. Thats allows us to online raid. Cause when we online raided somebody, they just pick the mat then go safe and sleep. Admins did nothing against sleepers in safe. (ex. can loot them)
    • I like the wheel in safe, but not fair i think, much dead and ban, and not really big jackpot (one week vip, rly?)
    • Better anti-cheat. Anti-cheat as i see does nothing. Create fake cheat logs (Tari's "no-recoil hack") and not banning real cheaters. Admins should manually cause plugin not working.

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  • Ban appeal DENIED! ...

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  • O , 5 Minute Shadowplay Clip Source file unedited. SteamID: 76561198203358994, waiting for ur respond.


    omae wa mou shindeiru

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  • O

    Hey, just got banned from your Vanilla Server for "Cheats DETECTED!!by Jkoko", i got the last 5 minutes on the server on video before i got banned, rendering it rn i will post it once its done. Don't really know what Admin saw, i just Headshot some Nakeds while defending the body of my Friend.

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