A Personal Appeal.

  • Hello.

    My name is Mews OR Mew.
    I was banned from rusticaland a bit back. I have not cheated once when i was allowed to play on here. Although my main steam account is eac banned. This is the only server I could play in where I had a ton of fun. I think i should be unbanned because I love rust to death, and on the fact that i never hacked in the server. I remember building a base on rocks near shore last a little 2x2. I just want to play on here again..im sorry for previous remarks on a post. Can i get a chance to play on rusticaland? Please give me another chance?

    https://steamcommunity.com/id/MewsAlternativeToMain/ <-- is my alternate account i was using to play on rusticaland. Lastly i have over 400 hours in rust. its my favorite game. I cannot afford to buy rust again.

  • Sorry nope. Topic locked

  • @prowhite_ghost i understand but can i be given the benefit of the doubt once please?

  • Because our server is cracked it doesn't mean that EAC banned aren't applied here also. Our bans do and will work the same as the official server rules.

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