• Hello,
    I was banned on two of my accounts today because of a cheat.
    "Bob the builder"

    I did use the cheat, i downloaded it this morning actually, and got banned an hour or so after using it IG.

    I realise that my account will probably not be unbanned and i do deserve the ban there are no excuses, but it was before the wipe, so i thought it wasn't that bad to try it for a day, stupid idea i know.

    i've been playing on this server since last year and never did any troubles i'm not even into pvp i just like building nice bases, it's the only server i use, all of my friends are here, so this probably means i won't be playing the game anymore, and this is fair i'm not trying to find excuse, just explaining my mistake and maybe have another chance.

  • Sorry, zero tolerance for those who use Cheating....
    Ban appeal DENIED
    Good luck....

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